Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: Live Life Free, Happy, and Bold

When you’re at a job interview, show them how excited you are to try new things

Comment below with your best first job interview to-do (or not-to-do) tips, based on your experience…

Dear Mishu, I’m about to have my first job interview! Any advice? Mason

Dear Mason: Whenever I want to do something new, I make it really, really clear that I want it. For example, if I’m in the car and I see a lot of trees outside, I constantly make whining noises so my people know I really, really want to go run in the woods and chase some deer. So you could try whining if you see something cool at the company. Or you could find some other way, with your human words, to show them how excited you are.
❤️ – Mishu

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