What’s your favorite food?  Aimee asks, Mishu answers.

What’s your favorite food? Aimee asks, Mishu answers.

Dear Aimee,
I’ll eat anything.  It must be my proud street-dog heritage –  I’ve got some scavenger in me! …  A lot of us with difficult pasts focus on the negatives, but we should remember that it gave us many things: resilience, flexibility, an appreciation for life and a willingness to eat anything!

The Inside Story

Yes, Mishu really will eat anything, including things she’s not supposed to eat.

She’s not like some dogs who you have to measure their food or they’ll eat everything in the bowl.  Even if it’s her favorite food, Mishu will generally stop when she’s no longer hungry and leave some food in the bowl.

Favorite food? Everything!

But boy, is she a scavenger. Anything on the streets or in the grass that remotely resembles food – she’s on it! Cans in the Recycle bin not fully rinsed — watch out for Mishu!

Both of these traits — not finishing all of her food (especially if her people are not home — then she won’t eat at all) and eating whatever seems food-like, definitely seem to be related to her first few months that she spent hungry and on the streets of Guatemala. Or, they could be in her DNA, since surely her parents and grandparents and great grandparents going back countless generations were street dogs too.

But there are lots of other things from Dear Mishu’s tough past that have made her incredible. And healthy (yes, “village dogs” like Mishu from all over the world have survivor genes that make them healthy and give them good dispositions!).

And that goes for people too.

People who have had tough childhoods often see the burdens they carry with them to adulthood. And there are burdens, such as stress and anxiety, that’s for sure.

But there are also strengths: resilience and an appreciation for life are two of them.

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