What am I #afraid of?   TevraPet Calming Sniffer chews            #sponsored

What am I #afraid of? TevraPet Calming Sniffer chews #sponsored

Dear Tracy: I’m afraid of things that remind me of scary things from when I was a puppy on the streets, like people with big sticks. I’m also afraid of the vet and for some reason shiny floors. I can also get a little nervous around too many strangers. So my humans have started giving me TevraPet Calming Sniffer chews twice a day and they’re helping me relax in stressful situations…

You can try them yourself: Win a FREE bag of Calming Sniffer Chews – Comment below about your dog’s fears and tag a friend. Then visit http://tevrabrands.com/contact/ and sign up with the Subject line “Dear Mishu.” …

First 10 to comment here, tag a friend, and sign up win!

❤ – Mishu


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