I always need to be in charge. Is that normal? Ella asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #control

I always need to be in charge. Is that normal? Ella asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #control

Dear Ella:

You should see me on #hikes — I can’t let anyone else go first, and sometimes I knock people over on my way to the front. Since I’m pretty sure people don’t like that, just don’t knock people over when you’re trying to be in charge. You know?  #DearMishu



The Inside Story

Yes, Mishu really likes to be in charge. That just comes with the territory with an Type A personality / alpha female like Mishu.

And that’s totally fine. Being someone who likes to take charge makes you a leader. That means when there’s an emergency, or something at work that really needs to get done, you’re going to be the person making sure it gets done. Congratulations!

The only thing to be careful about is that you actually notice other people in your drive to take charge. Mishu does not always do that.  But then, she’s a dog and really cute and like toddlers and babies who don’t always behave well, her cuteness lets her get away with a lot.

People – not so much.

What’s a Type A to do?

If you’re a Type A, just make sure you treat other people well. Don’t steamroller over them and force your decisions on others. Being in charge, or a go-getter, doesn’t mean that you always have to be right or always get your way.

In fact, it can be good practice for you to decide in advance that you’re going to let someone else take charge or make a decision.  You might find that you actually like it. That the “need” to always be first is just what you thought you need, and that letting other people have some of the spotlight and share some of the responsibility feels pretty great too.

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