Trying NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery!  #NomNomNow #NowIsNow

Trying NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery! #NomNomNow #NowIsNow

Hi !
I’m Mishu, and I was told that I’m the worlds #7 Advice Columnist, but all I care about is living in the moment and having enough energy to chase squirrels.  Here is my story:

N.G., My dad, met Nicholas of NomNomNow (cute name, right?) a few months ago at the beach..well, not really the beach, but near Myrtle Beach SC, during the wonderful BlogPaws Convention. They hit it off and as a result, it seems like I’m getting veterinarian formulated fresh dog food every  day.  I may just be the luckiest rescue dog Advice Columnist life coach on earth! (Dog Food Delivery — OMG, you’d think I was a princess! )

Nom Nom - For
NomNomNow – For “busy pets who don’t have time to cook” — this is my huge package of food

NomNomNow generally ships 1 week of food at a time — 14 individually wrapped packages of fresh dog food made from all natural ingredients. Because I live in North Carolina, which is outside their current shipping zone, I got the whole month of homemade real food at a time!

Package received on the 19th to my Durham place.  Heavy (I don’t need to worry about carrying it –  my human dad goes to the gym every day, so he’s strong!). Great packaging ! #NomNomNow
This is fresh dog food, and so it comes with an instruction book to make sure you treat it properly.  Um, I don’t need instructions on eating!  #NomNomNow
If I bow to you will you give me the food already?! #NomNomNow
That’s how individual NomNomNow packs of healthy dog food look like. This is equal to one meal for a dog my size (did I mention that they cook to order and package the fresh dog food to meet your dog’s individual needs?) #NomNomNow

Here they are — all the extras in the freezer!

And now, the moment arrived…eating time…my daily meal is here…. Did I mention that this is homemade real food that is human-grade (i.e. you could totally eat it yourself if you wanted to).

The food on top is new..just arrived..from NomNomNow. I chose the beef mash and the first day my people added some this gently cooked dog food to the top of my regular dry food.  NomNomNow offers 4 other flavors — turkey, chicken, pork, and egg & vegetables.
OMG so good, this (fresh fresh!!) beef is so good!!!! #NomNomNow
“After” rest, after eating the very very very fresh & delicious NomNomNow food, do you see how satisfied I am as a result? – Mishu

Also, do you notice that I didn’t really eat my old food, but just concentrated on the fresh dog food by NomNomNow??.

I am excited to spend the next month trying NomNomNow and eating healthy dog food delivered fresh to my house!  Once I’ve had a few more meals, I’ll be sure to post a more detailed NomNomNow review.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free and was paid to give my honest review.  I only do this for products that are of high quality, I would want to use myself, and I feel would benefit the community.  #ad


Durham, NC

July 20, 2017

50% off their DearMishu first order.
PS/Click on the NomNomNow logo above to get the food subscription at a 50% discount of your first order.

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