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When was the last time you tried something new? Julianne asks, Mishu answers. #TrySomethingNew #DearMishu

Dear Mishu Tries Something New


Dear Mishu:  When’s the last time you tried something new?  From: Julianne…

Great question, Julianne – Watch this video to see Mishu’s answer!

Mishu is always telling humans to Try Something New and live like Everyday Is a Gift. Check out this video of the last time Mishu tried to follow her own advice! #TrySomethingNew #DearMishu

The Inside Story

It was back in January, when Guatemala bred and California raised Mishu, experienced snow for the very first time. She walked down the steps, took a few steps, and immediately tried to go back up. The video doesn’t show everything, but there was about 5 minutes of Mishu repeatedly being lured or carried out to the snow, and then escaping back under cover or up the stairs.

Eventually, Mishu had to be forced to try something new – and literally carried out to the middle of the snow-covered grass.

So she sniffed it. Then she tasted it. Then she tried to dig in it. And that’s when she realized that it was like the sand at the beach, but edible!

Then Mishu went nuts. Running. Jumping. Play bowing. She couldn’t get enough of the snow and all the fun she could have in it! She didn’t even mind being forced to wear a sweatshirt, flash-dance style, to keep warm.

Will YOU Try Something New?

Do you think Mishu will remember this experience the next time she’s expected to try something new? That’s difficult to say. I would guess that she’ll remember that snow is fun and jump in right away next time. But what about something else that is totally unfamiliar? If she’s anything like most of us, she’ll still be hesitant.

When you try something new it doesn’t mean that you won’t be afraid next time.  BUT –

Trying new things can open us to new experiences that will stay with us even if we're afraid #NoFear Click To Tweet


So, while we may still fear trying something new the next time we try, we won’t necessarily need someone to physically carry us out to do it!


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