“I have some trust issues, and it’s very hard for me to just #trust people easily, Camille asks, Mishu answers

“I have some trust issues, and it’s very hard for me to just #trust people easily, Camille asks, Mishu answers

Dear Camille: You’re fine !It’s okay if you don’t trust people right away. For me, there are some people/dogs I love right away, some I don’t like at all on first site, and others that I need to sniff out a little bit before I decide. If you take your time and build up the good #experiences with people it might be easier for you to #trust them. 

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  1. What a great answer, Mishu! My brother Andy had that same problem. Did you know that? He was livin’ out on the streets all alone, in a CANADIAN winter, practically starvin’ and freezin’, but it still took him like eight or nine months to learn how to trust our peeps. Finally, one day in late September, he decided they were okay and came to live inside. PURRS

  2. Mishu that is very good advice. Winn takes a while to decide if someone is OK, Maisie loves everyone immediately. I think we all need to rely on our instincts, and take our time when meeting new people 🙂

  3. Every situation is different, true. So glad you’re able to give some terrific advice!

  4. Chip was the same way when I first got him. Now, if he approaches you butt first, it’s a huge compliment because he’s expecting all the booth rubs.

  5. Great answer Mishu. Life is not always black and white or easy. You have to let time tell through a person’s actions who they really are. Sometimes the best thing you can do is be an observer first.

  6. You’re absolutely right, Mishu. Sometimes it just takes time before you can trust someone. Paws crossed for Camille.

  7. I guess sometimes we all have trust issues… =) but really like the feedback on how to handle it and sniffing more and take more time getting acquainted we all need time to be trusted.

  8. Dear Mishu, Trust is like plant, you put the seed into the ground and let it grow. It is not something that happens over night and rather be safe than sorry when it comes to it.

  9. Once again, it seems like you’ve come up with great advice!

  10. Great advice. It’s better to be a little slower to trust than get burnt. Once you meet enough good people, you might get a better hang of things.

  11. You have wisdom…not all people should be trusted immediately…but take your time and give everyone a chance.

  12. Great advice. I have found that initial impressions last forever in my dogs. If they like you immediately, you are friends for life. If not – you will never be a friend.

  13. Love this advice Mishu! Bonnie is the same way. Some people she warms up to right away and others it takes some time!

  14. Rufus has come a very long way since first coming into my home. He barks much less and trusts Sophie’s judgment about others more. If Sophie likes them, then so does he. Of course, it’s always helpful to get some treats! I always try to give guests treats to give him and tell them “no eye contact” at first. He’s two and a half now and I’m really pleased with his improvement.

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