Treating yourself to something you love is the best way to #BeYou

Treating yourself to something you love is the best way to #BeYou

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? Chewy boxes always make me drool. Treating yourself to something you love is the best way to #BeYou How do you treat yourself?

Inside my chewy box this month: yummy Cesar classics food & SeaMeal, a nutritional supplement from solid gold.  See my blog for my full yummy review #ChewyInfluencer #sponsored

The Inside Story

Mishu LOVE’s getting her Chewy box every month. It’s always an exciting day to see what is inside and by now it seems like she’s learned to expect goodies.

Treating yourself is a GOOD thing

The lesson here is that Mishu doesn’t think twice. Chewy boxes = yummy treats = get excited and show it! Why are humans so intent on feeling guilty for treating themselves or too reserved to show genuine excitement?

Perhaps if we let go a little and just enjoyed what we enjoy, we wouldn’t be so stressed out

This month Mishu got two kinds of food from Cesar – dry and wet. Unfortunately the food sent was for much smaller dogs. So we gave the dry food to Mishu’s best little friend Onyx. We kept the wet food and have used it as an “ad on” on top of her food to add some excitement in her life. Boy was it exciting — she totally wolfed it down, as well as the rest of her food! Mishu has a very strong constitution (she’s from generations of street dogs), so mixing a little bit of a new kind of food into her regular food didn’t bother her at all.

The other exciting thing in the box was a nutritional supplement  – SeaMeal – solid gold. This is cool because it’s natural and just a supplement for otherwise healthy dogs, which Mishu is. We’ve added it to her food and there hasn’t been any difference in how much she’s been willing to eat, so that’s a huge plus. (Mishu can be a picky eater – or rather, she’s just not the kind of dog that will eat anything and never stop. She eats when she’s hungry, stops when she’s full.)


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