ToeGrips: A miracle for injured or geriatric dogs #Sponsored

ToeGrips: A miracle for injured or geriatric dogs #Sponsored

OMG do you see how cute my claws look?! No, it’s not a manicure, it’s ToeGrips. They keep me from slipping on shiny floors. Functional and fashion forward! You can get them too:  #sponsored


The Inside Story


When we met Dr. Buzby at the BlogPaws conference last month we knew we were speaking to a real animal whisperer. ToeGrips – the product she invented – is really a miracle product for injured or geriatric dogs. These dogs can just have a very difficult time on slippery floors to the extent that they will not or cannot walk.

ToeGrips give dogs more traction — they wear them on their claws and the rubber makes contact with the floor at the same time as the claw, making it easier for the dog to grip the floor.

The videos on Dr. Buzby’s website show so many “before” and “after” dogs and the improvements they see are heartwarming. The ToeGrips really the difference between walking and not walking for some dogs!

They are also great for dogs like Mishu, who don’t have any injuries but tend to slip on (and be afraid of) shiny floors. This is useful not only at home, but when trying to socialize your dog by taking them to public places and stores that allow dogs. The ToeGrips give her just enough added confidence that she is willing to try something new and walk on shiny or slippery floors!

If you’re thinking of trying ToeGrips, we really recommend them. They are easy to put on (there are videos for that too on the website) and they last 1-3 months – a great investment in your dog’s quality of life!

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  1. This is such a great product, very useful for a lot of dogs. What an adorable photo of Mishu!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Yes it’s a great product. Mishu will promote it again next week!!! Thanks, Cathy, and good luck with your new kitchen..

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