How do I tell a guy I #like him?, Alexia asks, Mishu answers.

How do I tell a guy I #like him?, Alexia asks, Mishu answers.

I tell everyone (who I like) that I like them by #SHOWING my excitement when I see them. Maybe you can try that? And don’t worry about all the other stuff, like if he likes you back or how much he likes you or other things that will drive you crazy. Lv/Mishu

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  1. I would go about being you. You are the one who matters! If they are dazzled by your coolness you are all set 🙂

  2. Once, way back when, I told Peep #1 how much I liked her by sprayin’ on her. Hmmm… Now that I think about it, that didn’t go over too well. MOUSES!

  3. Clare Reece-Glore - March 28, 2018 reply

    be a good listener; everyone likes that! (YAYDog Clare)

  4. Cookie doesn’t mess around … when she likes a boy dog, she goes straight for the undercarriage LOL I remember the look on JD’s face when they first met. “Dad? What do I do with this?”

  5. Be you. Show you care. Other than that – let them come to you! I think showing is great advice. A big smile will do wonders.

  6. Just be yourself. If they like you for who you are, then the relationship may move forward!

  7. Good advice Mishu. Show you are interested. I say if a guy is interested (in return) you won’t even have to ask! You’ll know.

  8. Great advice Mishu. I think that is one of the reason’s why people love dogs so much. They are so honest with their feelings.

  9. FiveSibesMom - March 29, 2018 reply

    Showing your excitement is always a great way to let others know you like them without a doubt!

  10. I love the advice! A friend once told me that if you behave in a way that is not you in order to impress someone, the relationship will never last. That person isn’t friends with the real you, they only care about the fake you. My advice is to be yourself at all times. Be kind. Helpful. Genuine. And at the end of the day if he doesn’t notice or care about you after that, he is not for you.

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