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How do I tell a guy I like him? #blogpaws


I tell everyone (who I like) that I like them by SHOWING my #excitement when I see them. Maybe you can try that? And don’t worry about all the other stuff, like if he likes you back or how much he likes you or other things that will drive you crazy.  #DearMishu #Love  #blogpaws

The Inside Story

Be like a dog! Dogs always show you their happy to see you. They SHOW you with their bodies. Their entire bodies.

Now THAT’s how I tell a guy I like him!

Now That’s How You Show Love

Have you ever seen a dog hesitating to show love? Thinking “gee, maybe they think my breath stinks? Maybe they think I’m not handsome enough?

Has Mishu EVER said – gee, I’m not going to tell a guy I like him because he might not like me back?  Uh… no!

So be like Mishu. Stop thinking about things that you’ll never know, and shouldn’t matter.

When you like someone, think about how they treat you and why you like them.  If you like the person for the right reasons, and you like the way they treat you, that’s all that matters.

What are those right reasons? Back to Mishu — who does she like:

Those are all good reasons to like someone. Notice, there’s nothing there about money, or status, or popularity.

Of course for humans you might add a few things, like:

Anyway, you get the point. Be like Mishu – show your love, and don’t sweat the rest!

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