Try Something New

Try something new whenever you can, because you never know what will make you happy until you try it.  We’re all afraid of trying new things at times, but if you can just focus on being yourself and doing what interests you or makes you curious, you’re bound to discover new joy and new fun in life. There’s nothing like being bold, being yourself and doing what makes you happy to make you feel alive. The classic example is Mishu’s adorable first ever day in the snow. Mishu had never seen snow before, and being a survivor, she is naturally suspicious and was afraid. But Mishu is also adventurous and bold, and once she decided to check out the white stuff, she had the time of her life. Lesson learned – if you want to have fun, try something new.

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“The feel of the warm earth keeps me grounded” – Dear Mishu.

#DearMishu #NowIsNow

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