Trying NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery!  #NomNomNow #NowIsNow

Trying NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery! #NomNomNow #NowIsNow

Hi !
I’m Mishu, and I was told that I’m the worlds #7 Advice Columnist, but all I care about is living in the moment and having enough energy to chase squirrels.  Here is my story:

N.G., My dad, met Nicholas of NomNomNow (cute name, right?) a few months ago at the beach..well, not really the beach, but near Myrtle Beach SC, during the wonderful BlogPaws Convention. They hit it off and as a result, it seems like I’m getting veterinarian formulated fresh dog food every  day.  I may just be the luckiest rescue dog Advice Columnist life coach on earth! (Dog Food Delivery — OMG, you’d think I was a princess! ) read more

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