My Dog

Numerous studies show that having a dog as a companion brings great benefits to humans. Mental health and physical health are two of the benefits I get from spending time with my dog. Petting a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. It also reduces loneliness by providing companionship. Walking my dog keeps me active — even on those days when I want to stay at home and do nothing, having a dog who needs you to take them out and who gets so much joy out of a hike in the forest or a walk around the neighborhood, is a great motivator to get moving. Finally, having another creature who gives you endless unconditional love, is always happy to see you, and is dependent on you, is just a great way to live. For me, there is really just no substitute for having my dog in my life. And you?

How would you describe yourself, Mishu?

Mishu: I’m a young adult alpha female. I’m fast. I’m strong. And I know how…

Gordon Wear’s “In House” Dog, Mishu, Débuts As A Quirky & Adorable Advice Columnist With A Difference

Ever taken advice from a dog? Believe it or not, this is now possible and people love it! Meet very own version of “Dear Abby”, Mishu. An adorable and quirky canine, Mishu is offering a modern, dogly twist on the advice column.

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