Every Day is a Gift

Mishu – and most dogs – wakes up everyday and sniffs the air and the ground to see what is new. She uses all of her senses to experience the wonder that our earth brings us and the joy of being alive. Approaching each day that way is not always easy for humans, but it is worth a try. Reminding ourselves in the morning or before bed (or both) that every day is a gift is a wonderful way to be more optimistic and to see the small things that make life enjoyable. Some people find that writing in a journal or writing down things that they are grateful for every day helps them remember that every day is a gift. Or, do like Mishu does and go outside very morning and find the beauty and the newness, look at the grass and the trees and the flowers (or the snow and the stillness) and remind yourself that the new day brings new possibilities and you are lucky to be alive to experience them.

What’s on your bucket list, Angela asks, Mishu answers

What’s on your bucket list, Angela asks, Mishu answers

Mishu: Definitely catching a squirrel. I’ve caught a couple rats, but those darn squirrels keep…

How would you describe yourself, Mishu?

Mishu: I’m a young adult alpha female. I’m fast. I’m strong. And I know how…

Dear Mishu:  Advice Column

Hi there, If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably heard about me, Dear Mishu,…

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