I’m so stressed, I can’t get anything done. Help! Frankie asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #StressedOut

I’m so stressed, I can’t get anything done. Help! Frankie asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #StressedOut

Dear Frankie:

I usually “shake it off” when I’m stressed. Try this:  jump rope, dance, go out for a run! Then tackle your work by doing one thing at a time. You’ve got this!…  Love, Mishu  #DearMishu #StressedOut Lv/Mishu

The Inside Story

It’s pretty clear that dogs don’t experience stress in the same way humans do. For one thing, they don’t have to do lists and calendars. Not even working dogs.

But they do get stressed – by a new place, an overstimulating play session, thunder….

In case you didn’t know, the signs of stress in dogs include licking lips, yawning, and panting.

One way most dogs de-stress is by shaking it off. That means they basically just shake their whole body. It’s kind of a tension release.

Stressed Out?  Move it!

So – translate that into human terms: shake yourself! Jump around, play some music and go crazy, take a walk, go for a run.

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It’s so familiar that whether you’re a student or working, sometimes having too much to do means nothing gets done.

Taking those frequent breaks to move around, go crazy, and shake it off will definitely help.

Then when you sit back down – just approach one thing at a time. Divide up tasks so you have mini-accomplishments, which will make you feel good.

And if the stress starts to build up again — you know what to do. Even 10 seconds of jumping jacks will give you that physical relief.

If your stress is more long term instead of just related to work or school, then you might want to consider other things. For example – your diet. Eating a healthy diet and enough protein are really important in our overall feeling and ability to deal with stress. Plus, there are lots of other more general stress relief tools such as meditation or mindfulness that you can try.

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