Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: #AdviceFromDog

How can I stop wasting time? Tyler asks, Mishu answers.

Dear Tyler,

Why are you wasting time? Figure that out and you’ll know what to do.  #NowIsNow

The Inside Story

Procrastinating, or wasting time, is pretty common. The thing most of us forget is that just fighting the tendency won’t help. What will help is figuring out why we are wasting time. Because when we find ourselves wasting time, there’s usually a good reason. And knowing that reason is the source of making a change.

Maybe we just really don’t want to be doing the activity that we’re supposed to be doing. That’s possible, and although it’s not always possible to avoid unpleasant or boring tasks, sometimes knowing that you really don’t like something can help you eventually make a change in your life.

Or, maybe you’re wasting time because you’ve lost sight of your goals and you need to refocus.

It could also be stress.  Sometimes you feel so stressed you can’t get anything done.  In that case, what might help is getting some exercise or jumping around or dancing to some great music — something to help you “shake off” the stress and refocus on your tasks with a more clear mind.

Wasting time should tell you something

So you see what I mean — when you’re wasting time, figuring out why can tell you something and help you stop. If you really are trying to avoid a task you hate it can motivate you to make changes in your life. If you’ve just lost site of your goals, recognizing that can help you regain your focus, which will probably lead towards less procrastinating, And finally, if you’re wasting time because you’re having trouble concentrating because of stress, understanding that can point you in the right direction for stress relief.

All of this is a long way to say what Mishu says very simply in her response:

Why are you wasting time? Figure that out and you'll know what to do #DearMishu Click To Tweet

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