How do I stop being so #tired during the day? Serge asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu

How do I stop being so #tired during the day? Serge asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu

Serge: Some people like to drink #coffee, but I’m not allowed. Instead I make sure to get lots of sleep at night, take naps during the day, and I have one more trick. I like to drink a lot of water! Water is yummy and every time I am next to my bowl I make sure to have a couple sips. It makes me have so much more energy during the day, so I don’t feel depressed or stress! Water keeps me happy. Lv/Mishu

The Inside Story:
Mishu’s response to “How to Stop Being Tired During the Day”

Serge asked Mishu for a solution to a great question – one that plagues many humans — lack of energy or tiredness during the day. When we’re tired, we tend to feel less happy and be less capable of dealing effectively with the stress and anxiety of our modern lives.

This question is relatively easy to answer by just observing Mishu.

Sleep = Not Tired = Health

She sleeps a lot, first of all.

Mishu’s always willing to cozy up and sleep when she sees her humans going to bed.  She also regularly takes a nap after her morning walk and breakfast.  She takes a few more naps during the day too. Napping and getting enough sleep keep Mishu happy.

While napping all day is not really a good solution for most people, there are many cultures where it is common to take a short (or long!) nap after lunch.

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This article has great advice on napping as a way to beat stress and function better.

Water = Health

The next thing to observe about Mishu is that she drinks only water, and she drinks frequently throughout the day. That’s a good reminder:

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We’ve had experience with that in Mishu’s family: one of her brothers was feeling depressed and stressed for a few weeks, until he noticed that he was slightly dehydrated. Once he started drinking more, throughout the day, his energy levels immediately rose and he was much more happy.

Health = Happy

Mishu clearly knows what she’s doing with her naps and frequent drinking: creating the basis for a happy, stress free life!

Cartoon man napping on desk
It’s okay to nap on your desk!


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