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Dear Mishu has taken off like a rocket.

From late November 2016 when she opened her Instagram influencer account, until March 2017, her influence grew from 0 to over 70,000 global followers with very high levels of engagement.

People love Dear Mishu for her simple wisdom, lifestyle advice, and humor.

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Some blog stats:

number of posts: 101

number of pages: 15

number of comments: 418

number of words in all posts: 25,839

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  • Dorothy “FiveSibesMom”: Not weird at all, Mishu! I think when out, strangers should always ask your human first. Some dogs have anxiety or fears from something that happened in their past, or simply do not like to be [...]
  • Amelia Johnson: Don't feel bad Candice...some cats feel the same way you do about being petted. Hope you find a hooman with a soft touch to give you a soothing [...]
  • Enviro_Dog: My Chipper doesn't like to be petted. He's very old and arthritic, so it's easy to hit a sore [...]
  • Sweet Purrfections: Cats are the same way. They decide if and when someone will pet them, including [...]
  • Shelby @ For The Love of Paws: I wouldn't want random people touching me either! I can totally relate. [...]
  • Ruth Epstein: Some love the physical contact and others don't, it is like everything else in life so it is hard to generalize and no you are not [...]
  • Jana Rade: Some dogs love physical contact and some don't. Son's dog is one of those who don't He's friendly but happiest if you keep your hands off [...]
  • Cathy Armato: Everyone deserves to have their personal space, including dogs! Hoomans should respect that. A tag with a Please Don't Pet Me message on it is good advice. They make dog vests with that message [...]
  • Debbie: Not weird at all! People don't like being touched by strangers, so I don't understand why people expect all dogs to want to be touched. Mishu is right, you do you [...]
  • Kamira Gayle: LOL I'm the same way. I don't care for hoomans to always touch me either! Hmm maybe because I'm an Aquarius and don't mind being a loner at times. (shrug) [...]



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