My sister Laika won’t stop #following me around. Why does she do that? Tembo asks, Mishu answers

My sister Laika won’t stop #following me around. Why does she do that? Tembo asks, Mishu answers

Laika does seem a little obsessed with you, but I’ve got to say I’d probably follow you around too. You’ve just got that vibe (or maybe you smell like liver…?) Lv/Mishu

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  1. None of our cats follow us around, except when it is supper time THEN we are very popular indeed! If you want to be popular with a cat make friends at supper time!!!

  2. Ha! Maybe liver….or BACON! BOL! I think sometimes they follow just to get a rise out of the other critter so they’ll have a chase-game.

  3. Very sound advice. I never follow my fur-sibs around, and none of ’em ever follow me, either. You think maybe I don’t smell right? purrs

  4. Layla says maybe she is following you as she is learning from you and you should feel proud

  5. I follow my wee pup around because he’s warm and soft and smells like butterscotch!

  6. Tembo, doesn’t that make you feel special to be followed around? My cats follow me around at mealtime. Doesn’t make me feel that special.

  7. LOL Mishu. I swear you make me laugh out loud. Now I look crazy. Good advice as usual. 😉

  8. LOL I always love Misha’s replies! None of our pets really follow each other around but our Link (dog) does like to play with (terrorize) the cats about once a day in the evening.

  9. Because they can! Seriously, our cats follow me everywhere, but could care less about anyone else.

  10. That’s love, boy 🙂 Some dogs do that. JD was like if he was attached to Jasmine too.

  11. My cats follow me when I have food in hand. Some of the strays that I feed are also running in front of my legs so I can’t walk straight. Maybe they want me to trip over 😀

  12. Hahaha too funny! Simba gets followed around by the kiddos, but he also loves to follow them around too.

  13. Maybe Laika is a velcro dog. I’ve owned one of those. I’ve also owned a “bonded pair” who stuck together like glue.

  14. It is actually a good problem to have! You’ll never be lonely and you can create some fun together.

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