Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: #AdviceFromDog

My Dad has been sick for a while. Do you have any advice? Luna asks, Mishu answers

Dear Luna,
I’m sorry your Dad is sick and it’s so hard. You are doing something beautiful by caring for your father. This is something to be very proud of. Set a reminder every day to remember this, and feel proud. Maybe it will give you the strength to carry on.


The Inside Story

Family trouble, especially an illness in the family can be very taxing. It can take a toll emotionally, physically, and financially. It can cause a lot of stress. This is especially the case when the illness is serious, lasts for a long time, prevents the sick person and even family members from working. That kind of thing is very hard for a family to deal with.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the support systems in place to help us get through these times.  So we need to be our own support systems. And turn to friends, or trusted advisers.

Luna’s sick Dad

Luna wrote to Dear Mishu looking for advice, but mostly what Dear Mishu had to offer was admiration and encouragement.

Taking care of a sick family member is heroic. It is a beautiful thing to do and, while very difficult, is part of life. Those ups and downs are part of what makes life meaningful.

So Mishu’s “advice” is really just for Luna to try to find inspiration in her actions. To recognize, on a daily basis, that what she is doing by caring for her father and being with him in his time of need is important, loving, and wonderful.

In short, Luna should be proud of herself and her family for the love they are giving to her father. And hopefully that pride, that sense of dignity and quiet love will help them all carry the very real burdens of having a sick family member. Our hearts go out to you, Luna!

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