1. I know you’re trying to protect your family, but what happens if you don’t agree that the person is okay? I hope your hoomans know that you’re the best judge of character, not them. 😉

  2. This post made me smile. Glia agrees – barking is fun and does scare away the bad guys. She doesn’t understand why the silly humans always ask her to be quiet.

  3. Silly human asking silly questions. Asking a dog not to bark is like telling us not to blink. LOL You gotta do it!

  4. Gusto is my alarm dog and I love it when he sounds the alarm…and then he’s quiet.

  5. Paroma Chakravarty - November 2, 2017 reply

    Dogs will bark of course! excessive barking is probably something to look into but as long as they are barking at the beginning at new comers, it is fine. After all, some dogs can be a bit protective.

  6. Hahaha too funny, Mishu!! My dogs would have to agree with you there.

  7. Chipper is my old cocker spaniel and seeing another dog on our walks that he can bark at motivates him to enjoy the walk. I know I shouldn’t let him, but he enjoys it so much!

  8. HAHA! Barking is definitely fun. We’re currently working on Roxie and her barking on hikes. She needs to announce every time a person or dog are on the trail in the distance.. a little TOO enthusiastically… lol

  9. My pups egg each other on with barking. Sophie barks at anyone outside, but Rufus barks at strangers inside. Sophie’s is from excitement, Rufus’ from fear. Working on both. It’s a long term project.

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