Durham, NC – 21st November, 2016 – Ever taken advice from a dog? Believe it or not, this is now possible and people love it! Meet the latest version of “Dear Abby”, Mishu. An adorable and quirky canine, Mishu is offering a modern, dogly twist on the advice column.

DearMishu, Should I vote in the US Presidential election?

Mishu is a 3 year old shepherd-hound mix (also known as a lurcher) who was rescued from the streets of Guatemala and became the “in house” dog of Gordon Wear, a lifestyle brand that makes dog gear. This unique background made it a no-brainer to give Mishu her own platform.
Gordon Wear has never shied away from doing things differently and their love of dogs is infectious. Mishu is now ready and waiting to answer all the tough questions with a fun, spirited and thoughtful approach. Company founder and CEO, N.G. Gordon explains further:
“There are times when life can become overwhelming and we all need to pause and enjoy the moment. We aim to bring this to people through Mishu. She is a wonderful advice columnist and she takes a totally different approach to life, because she is a dog! We all know that dogs are renowned for living in the moment, keeping things simple, and spreading plenty of joy. We hope to share this through Mishu’s “Dear Mishu” column.”
“We have lots of people posting questions to Dear Mishu and the concept is really taking off. Certainly some of the questions are humorous and a bit of light-hearted fun, although we also get people looking for answers to serious concerns. In every instance, Mishu and the team at Gordon Wear works hard to bring Mishu’s unique wisdom to the question,” explains N.G. Gordon.
For example, Mishu was recently asked from Michael: “Dear Mishu, should I be drinking so much coffee?” While Eric T. asked: “Dear Mishu, I’m trying to lose weight, but it’s really hard for me to control my cravings. What do you recommend?” In every case, Mishu provides an attentive response.
Anyone eager to take advantage of Mishu’s wisdom can submit questions through her website: When not out chasing her ball or playing with fellow Gordon Wear colleagues, Mishu will be hard at work on her advice column. Followers can see all Mishu’s posts on her Instagram page @DearMishu.
About Gordon Wear
Gordon Wear is a lifestyle brand that specializes in high quality merchandise that reflects passions for the outdoors, pets and fitness.
Gordon Wear LLC
Durham, NC

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