Following the great time Dear Mishu had reporting on the best new dog products at the Global Pet Expo , she decided to continue her exploration by visiting the BlogPaws convention (now owned by in Kansas City, Missouri and asking people about pet Influencer Marketing.

Since BlogPaws is really a conference for pet bloggers and influencers, Dear Mishu and her Dad updated their questions a bit for the audience, asking the brands she connected with the following two simple questions:

dog looking for info on pet influencer marketing

Dear Mishu is Wondering….

How do dogs inspire your business?

Why is pet influencer marketing so popular and how are your brand(s) taking advantage of this trend?

The answers can tell us a lot about the attitudes of the companies toward pet influencer marketing!

How do dogs inspire your business?

Erica Turzak, Kimberly Parry Organics: “Our business is centered around dogs and their compassion, their unconditional love. In return, we take great care in making health care and wellness products for dogs that are also compassionate in all ways….”

Jay Golstsein, Darwin’s Pet: “Dogs were the original inspiration for our business and that idea remains today (along with helping cats now as well). In 2003 our Founder, Gary Tashjian, had a ten year-old English Sheepdog (Max) who suffered from crippling arthritis. .One day a holistic veterinarian recommended raw dog food. Gary tried it and within a month Max was acting more like a puppy than an old dog and he had regained his joyful attitude….  A mission was formed and Darwin’s was founded.”

Keri Boyle for Teddy the Dog: “Not only do we love our furry four-leggers, but we find a lot of humor in them as well. Many of our creative concepts come from observing the behaviors and personalities of our own dogs, and imagining what they’re thinking.”

Kari Porter, American Pet Nutrition: “Dogs and cats are center to everything we do. We are family-owned, which means our family pets inspire our work every day. Our dogs are loyal and trust us to provide them with high quality food, and that inspires our business.”

Now for the non-profits:

Carol Borchert, Morris Animal Foundation: “Everything we do is to help animals everywhere have longer, healthier lives. Dogs inspire us at our office (we have many office dogs!) and in the science we fund…”

Marcie Grube, Helen Woodward Animal Center: “Dogs inspire our organization with their unconditional love, despite whatever circumstances they endure. We are a pet adoption facility, and oftentimes find and help dogs who are in need of medical care and loving forever homes. We are often amazed at how dogs…are ready to live in the present and love everyone they meet”

Why is pet influencer marketing so popular and how are your brand(s) taking advantage of this trend?

Jay Golstsein: “Our view is that the core idea behind influencers are that there are passionate, knowledgeable people who are committed to providing meaningful information and experiences to interested audiences. …  These creators are dedicated to generating valuable content for their audiences. We look to connect with influencers who are open to sharing information about the benefits of feeding raw meals, or are open to learning about raw meal benefits. We know these content generators are trusted by their followers…”

Keri Boyle: “Our brand really capitalizes on pop culture, which is fluid, ever-changing, and lightening-fast. So the speed at which social influencers can move and “influence” is critical for us. …  If we only used traditional marketing practices, the event or trend would be over before we could respond. … Social influencers are core to our business.”

Erica Turzak: “Influencer marketing is taking the industry by gentle storm. We feel it is working well because for decades marketers have spoken to customers. Sometimes shouted in ways, “buy this” and :”buy that”….. Influencers talk about products they use and love. They give their opinions in an authentic manner and share that with those who follow them on social media outlets. If a blogger or other social media brand develops a following that truly trusts their message an intent, then a product recommendation can go a long way. Hopefully, these influences align with safe and effective products than can genuinely help their followers and bring about a shift away from the shouting.”

Kari Porter: “We understand the value of influencer marketing, which is why Vita Bone and Supreme Source work with both lifestyle and pet bloggers and social influencers. Our customers are an integral part of our work, and the best way to get honest feedback is by working directly with them.”

Let’s hear from the advocacy groups:

Carol Borchert: “Influencer marketing takes messages directly to the people who will be most interested and most impacted. As a nonprofit, our goals are a little different. We hope influencers in the pet market will use our information to educate their followers, as well as share our mission…”

Marcie Grube:  “Our organization loves to find and partner with influencers who care about pet adoption and rescue pets. We are so grateful for influencers who use their voices and platforms to make the world a better place – their passion and advocacy is truly making the world a more humane place for pets.”

What does Dear Mishu think about these organizations’/companies/ views on pet influencer marketing?

After speaking with so many brand owners and non-profits, Dear Mishu is happy to report that most really seem to understand the value of influencer marketing. Dear Mishu’s Dad (Of wants to add a few things about the value here:

  1. Pet Influencers are in an even better position to influence than others because pets are so cute and believable and will never embarrass you by going off messageClick To Tweet
  2. Influencers should be encouraged to influence about the brand and not about the product itself.
  3. Influencers woof/voice brings interest and trust about your brand story to their (thousands and thousands of) followers. Their authentic content builds relationships.Click To Tweet
  4. Influencers are such a hard workers, going to conference shows and chatting all day, doing social media, engaging, working on content that WORKS.  Pay them like the professionals they are — don’t ask them to work for free, because it’s how they make their livings.
  5. Now go from here.


According to DearMishuDad ..

I’m with my daddy, and BFF, he is an Influence Marketing specialist, sharing his knowledge about Pet Influencers, how cute is that (Im so proud of him)

That makes sense, because these people traveled across the country to go to a convention of pet bloggers and pet influencers!

What stood out in most of the comments was a love for animals. There was also a recognition that pet influencers make great brand ambassadors because they are enthusiastic, love pets, and are viewed as trusted and authentic by their followers.
Which organization do you think had the best answer, friends?

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  1. Great job on this NG! I loved reading all the quotes from brands, & I’m so glad you included the non-profits too. Sharing!
    Love & biscuits,
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