People don’t like it when you push them down on your way to be first. ~ Mishu

People don’t like it when you push them down on your way to be first. ~ Mishu

Yea, so people don’t like it when I knock them over on my because of my drive to be first…  That goes for you humans too: it’s okay to compete and try to be first, but don’t knock anyone down on your way.  #BeKind

The Inside Story

Dear Mishu is definitely an alpha — and you see that most on walks or hikes. If she’s not first, leading the way, #1 explorer, she’ll pull on the leash until whoever is holding it moves to the front.
I don’t know whether it’s her instinct to protect everyone or just her excitement to explore, but it is a habit that we haven’t really tried to break her of.  Mostly because Mishu’s bold, free spirited love of life is what we admire about her so much. We want to be like Mishu because she is so excited to be first!
Finishing First – the Kind Way
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We definitely do not encourage that behavior in Mishu!
The obvious parallel to humans is that so many of us do knock people over, or walk all over them, in our drive to finish first, win the promotion, etc. Clearly that is a good strategy for some in the short term, but in the long term — Mishu’s right — people do not like that. This is NOT what Mishu means by Now is Now!
There might be short term gain to be had from finishing first while ignoring human decency, kindness, and basic manners, but eventually people will figure out that this is your M.O. and they will not want to work with you anymore. Call it Karma, call it fate, call it getting your due:  treating people like they’re expendable just because you are focused on yourself and your goals is never going to be a good strategy!

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