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What do you mean by ‘Now is Now’? Blake asks, Mishu answers #DearMishu #NowIsNow

What do you mean by 'Now is Now'? From: Blake

Now is Now – Really, it is

Dear Blake,

When I say Now is Now, I’m trying to remind you to focus on the moment you are in, instead of your worries about tomorrow or yesterday. #NowIsNow #DearMishu #Mindfulness



The Inside Story

Now is Now. Mishu posts about it a lot.  Like here and here and here
Why? Because so many of us forget to breathe, forget to pay attention to what  is happening now in this very moment.

Even if you’re under a lot of stress, and have a lot of worries. If you stop for a minute and just exist in the moment you are in, you can find relief from that stress. Look at the sunset. Breathe and appreciate that you can. Look at your dog, your child, your friend. Pay attention to how lucky you are to have food to eat, or clean water.

Mishu’s tips on dealing with stress

Now is Now – it doesn’t mean you always have to be happy

That doesn’t mean that you have to be happy and calm all the time, just because you might have it good compared to some people in this world. There are always people who have it worse. Sure, it can be helpful to remind yourself of that when you’re getting upset about small things. But there are also probably people who have it better.

Now is Now doesn’t mean discounting your feelings of worry. All it means is:

All the things you worry about are not happening now. #NowIsNow #DearMishu Click To Tweet

True, they might happen later. Or they might have already happened.

But right now they are not happening. Let me repeat: Right now, all the things that you’re worried about are not happening.

So just be in the now for a couple minutes.  It’s a good place to be.

Now is Now. This one moment is amazing.

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