Is it normal to feel jealous of my friends?, Celine asks, Mishu answers

Is it normal to feel jealous of my friends?, Celine asks, Mishu answers

Dear Celine, It’s probably normal, but you’ll be happier if you just do you without trying to meet someone else’s #standards…..  Like me – I cannot fetch a ball – at all. So when my lab and retriever friends are playing fetch, I either look for dogs to wrestle with or just sniff around for trash to eat (I’m a great #scavenger)…… Imagine if I sat around upset that I’m not good at catching balls instead of having doing what I’m good at and enjoy 🍻🎉🍷?!


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  1. As always Mishu, your advice is spot on…no pun intended! I agree with you completely, imagine how much fun you’d be missing out on if you worried you can’t do X like others can. How many things can you do that they can’t?

  2. You are such a smart dog, Mishu! More words of wisdom.

  3. I wouldn’t be envious of anyone. You don’t know what their home life, or work life or inside life is like. We always should focus on positive stuff (like chasing balls – GOT to be the best!)

  4. Sometimes I”m jealous of my fur-sibs. Like… Like when one of those two long-haired marmie freaks are up on the chesterfield, IN MY SPOT, lyin’ there, next to the peep. Then I remember how I get treated extra-special at other times, and I don’t feel so bad. Not to mention how I HAVE A BLOG and they don’t, and I can tell on ’em to all my readers. MOUSES!

  5. Great advice Mishu and Layla woofs she does not play ball either in the parks so she finds a nice comfy lap to sit on and just watches the world go by

  6. Anybody can get jealous of anyone if they feel insecure about the love, attention, or resources they feel might be lost.

  7. I think we all get jealous of our friends sometimes, especially when they get something that we really want.

  8. Well said Mishu! You do you. The beauty is that none of us are exactly the same and we all have our own journeys.

  9. Even us humans can get jealous of our friends.

  10. Great advice Mishu! Life is too short to dwell on your shortcomings. Focus on and maximize your strengths! Also, today in a world of Instagram and social media, people are showing “edited” versions of their fabulous life. The reality of their life is not always on display. Do you!

  11. Good advice! It’s toxic to compare yourself to others, it only makes you feel bad about yourself in the end. Be happy for your friends but don’t compare yourself to them.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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