NomNomNow Dog Food Review #Ad

NomNomNow Dog Food Review #Ad

 I am incredibly grateful to have been able to spend a whole month eating NomNomNow fresh dog food. I’m grateful that such delicious healthy dog food exists, I’m grateful that it was cooked to order for me, and I’m grateful that I was chosen to try it. I am definitely exploring the option of continuing dog food delivery from NomNomNow once they start serving the east coast regularly.


The entire NomNomNow experience made me feel like a princess eating luxury food shipped directly to my door! I mean think about it — the food is totally fresh, cooked just days before you receive it, and then shipped out immediately.The shipment arrived very quickly and in a very cool looking box. Since it was fresh dog food, it was insulated and packed with cold packs to keep it all fresh.

Inside the box was an booklet that explained exactly what we were getting, including nutrition facts and a suggested transition schedule, and of course the food packets. Each serving of food is inits own plastic pouch. All you need to do is open the pouch and pour it into the dog bowl! Mostly I ate my food cold, strait out of the fridge, but sometimes my humans gently warmed it for me just for the fun. It was delicious both ways!

NomNomNow fresh dog food

Here I am with my NomNomNow transition packet on top of my regular kibble. Guess what I’m eating first…?


NomNomNow dog food is not raw food, in case you were wondering. It is cooked, but gently cooked, and it is kept cold from the minute it is shipped until the minute you open the box. As I mentioned before, I got an entire month’s worth of food at one time because I live on the east coast and NomNomNow is just starting to expand outside the west coast. So what we did was load all the packets that we wouldn’t be using in the first few days into the freezer and just take out what we needed the night before to defrost in the refrigerator. This method worked great and there was no difference in the texture or quality of the food when it was defrosted. (Although I should mention that the when you receive your NomNomNow packets it is totally fresh and has never been frozen. Their ideal if fresh food. But honestly the frozen and thawed packets were very good too).


NomNomNow = delicious

NomNomNow comes in several flavor options – I chose Heartland Beef Mash but they sent me some of the pork version too to try.


Here are the main advantages I see in NomNomNow fresh dog food delivery:


 Convenience:  It is delivered to your door and each serving is veterinarian formulated and individually packed according to your size, age and nutritional needs. And it is fresh food. I don’t cook, but I’m thinking that it would be very time consuming for my humans to make something like this for me!


Health & Nutrition: Put it simply, this is healthy dog food made from all natural ingredients. NomNomNow Heartland Beef Mash (that’s the one I chose) really has everything in it: real meat, some veggies, and some all-natural vitamins. This is human grade food and the list of ingredients is short and sweet with nothing unpronounceable. As I mentioned, the dog food was formulated by a veterinarian, and I know from my communications with NomNomNow that they are constantly working to improve their formulas in terms of quality, health, and the dog’s experience (not that it needs improving, it really doesn’t, but I can tell that they just want to be more than perfect and are constantly looking for ways to do that). Oh, and did I mention that all the food is prepared in NomNomNow’s dog food kitchen in California using all USA ingredients? That’s important to me. I mean the US is not the only country that I’d accept dog food from, but I am definitely wary of food with ingredients that come from some countries where I just don’t trust the quality. So that is reassuring.


Taste:  It’s just good. And delicious. And yummy. It is so good that NomNomNow actually helped me establish better habits. Because I’m not the kind of dog that will finish a whole bowl of kibble instantly, my humans usually just fill my bowl and I graze throughout the day. With NomNomNow the food was so good that I ate it the minute it hit my bowl, so I naturally fell into a fixed, twice a day eating schedule. This is probably a much healthier way to eat, so I’m giving NomNomNow an extra gold star for making me adopt healthier eating habits!


Now for the practical details. NomNomNow prices are calculated according to the dogs age, weight, activity level, and recipe selected, and they give discounts for multi-dog families!  Feel free to try it out — it’s fun to shop for your formula, and you can use this (see below NomNomNow link?) awesome Dear Mishu coupon code for 50% off your first TWO purchases to try it out!

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free and was paid to give my honest review.  I only do this for products that are of high quality, I would want to use myself, and I feel would benefit the community.  #ad


Durham, NC

September 9, 2017

50% off their DearMishu first order.

PS/Click on the NomNomNow logo above to get the food subscription at a 50% discount of your first order.


  1. I live on the East Coast and haven’t heard of this food yet. Gusto loves fresh food so we will consider the convenience of this food when it comes our way. Thank you for this review. We are glad that you enjoyed this feast for a whole month!

  2. You’re a princess every day, Mishu! We’re so glad you enjoyed your yummy food. We’ve been reading a lot about this lately.

  3. Clare Reece-Glore - September 13, 2017 reply

    I loved the description about the food and the simple ingredients and it made me want to have my pup try it. It is good to know that it was a month long trial.

  4. Happy-Go-Doodle - September 14, 2017 reply

    Nom Nom Now sounds yum yum yum! Thanks for sharing such a thorough product review with us. I did not know that Nom Nom Now was made with all US ingredients. I’m also happy to hear that it helped you set an eating schedule! That’s great news!

  5. I have never heard of NomNomNom dog food before, it sounds like it is worth taking a closer look 🙂

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