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Mishu’s Rescue Group


Mishu’s Answer: Well, I’m an immigrant from Guatemala to the USA and I don’t think I changed my bark when I moved, so I would say there is one barking language! (Thanks to for rescuing me from the streets of Guatemala!)

Animal Aware is one of Latin America’s leading animal welfare organizations. Located in San Lucas, Guatemala, it rescues hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals every year. There, with volunteer vets, it vaccinates, cares for, and spays/neuters the animals it rescues, and works to get them adopted. Animals that are not adopted are kept at Animal Aware.

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Mishu LOVES In-N-Out


Mishu’s Answer: I get an In-N-Out hamburger patty for my birthday every year and I finish it off in two seconds. So – figure out what excites you THAT much, and do it!

Dear Mishu: Advice Columnist

Mishu was born in Guatemala and found on the street, alone and hungry, when she was a puppy. She was brought to a rescue group..-->DearMishu since 2 years ago.

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