Mishu on Control

Mishu on Control

“You don’t always control what happens to you, but you do control how you interpret it”
~ Dear Mishu

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  1. Wise words Mishu! So true. Life happens however it’s how we respond that shows who we really are.

  2. Lori Hilliard - October 11, 2017 reply

    I try to keep this in mind, but there are so many ways to interpret what happens that I find myself second-guessing everything that happens!

  3. Awww…Mishu! You always have sound advice! Thanks for sharing your insights!

  4. Great thought to keep in mind. It’s also not only how you interpret things but also how you react to it. Great thoughts! 🙂

  5. Very well said, Mishu! You definitely give good advice.

  6. As always, great advice Mishu! Thanks for the reminder to attempt to interpret life positively.

  7. heatherwallace - October 11, 2017 reply

    Very true, Mishu. This advice could not be more timely!

  8. Wise words, Mishu! Our attitude determines everything!

  9. I wish we could whap a bit more positivity into people sometimes. They drive us cats crazy.

  10. As always, such sound advice!

  11. So true. Although it may be hard, we definitely have control with how we handle things.

  12. I was lucky to be born believing the best in people, so when someone says or does something negative, my first reaction (usually) is to try and understand why. That doesn’t mean I don’t get angry or depressed, but I believe it helps me to not get too worked up over the little things. And I’ve found that many times, it is a simple misunderstanding. Communication is so important.

  13. Wise words! It took me several years in therapy to understand this. I still have difficulty doing it!

  14. Great advice! I always say you can only control how you react to it.. whether you let it defeat you or if you roll with the punches.

  15. Great Mishu! Oh, that is so, so true!

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