I am job searching and it’s so discouraging, Jasmin asks, Mishu answers..

I am job searching and it’s so discouraging, Jasmin asks, Mishu answers..

Dear Jasmin,
You are not your job. You are not what the people who you hope will hire you think you are. You’re a complete human being. Can you find things to do that remind you of that and make yourself feel good and successful?

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  1. I can so relate, job searching can be so discouraging! It’s especially difficult when most job search is done online and your submission can get spit out by a machine. You can’t take it personally, Mishu gave good advice, do things that remind you of your value. And work your personal network more! Look for free job search resources in your community too. Good Luck!
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  2. Well said Mishu. I’m just left my 9-5 and couldn’t feel better about it. Agree. You job doesn’t define who you are. You are so wise.

  3. It is very difficult when we are all hard wired to believe we only have value if we are earning and employers are unbelievably casual in their rudeness. I am afraid I would get very snotty if I didn’t get a job acknowledgment in good time or a courteous no thank you. But then I am a stroppy soul…..

  4. Great advice, as always! I left my career years ago working in corporate america because I was so unhappy. I moved to a new state and I had no idea what I wanted to do for work. I had this degree that I didn’t want to use and I ended up going in a completely different direction. I decided to teach preschool for a few years at minimum wage and was 100x happier, even though I was so broke all the time. But eventually, it led me to find my way back to what I liked to do, but for myself. The point is, keep looking and don’t get discouraged, even if you don’t get the job you want, or if you do and end up hating it, you can always change directions and try again.

  5. I have reinvented myself many times…not because I was unhappy but because I had reached the highest level I wanted to achieve in that field. The best job is the job that you create for yourself…follow your heart.

  6. Great advice. I loved my last job until my boss retired and someone new came in who didn’t appreciate my drive and work ethics. Now that I’m retired, I realize the toxic environment I was in. Don’t know if I’ll ever work again, but it will be something I enjoy.

  7. When you first meet someone, one of the first things you ask is what they do for a job – and then you form an opinion. We shouldn’t do that! We need to look at the whole person and not just their chosen (or not) line of work,

  8. Great advice! We should take the time to remind ourselves, daily, of who we are and who we aspire to be. We undervalue ourselves.

  9. Great advice, Mishu! It’s hard not to get stuck in the mindset that our jobs define us, but they really don’t!

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