Are you near sighted or far sighted?  Cathy asks, Mishu answers

Are you near sighted or far sighted? Cathy asks, Mishu answers

 Dear Cathy:

Neither. Glasses just make me feel smart & look great. Do you ever wear things to feel good about yourself?

Love, Mishu


The Inside Story

Yes, it’s true that Mishu does not technically need her very stylish glasses. But she looks so great in them, so why not?

We all put on costumes and masks to feel a certain way about ourselves, or to look a certain way to others. And that’s fine. Dressing up can make you feel good about yourself. It can even make you feel more like yourself. Or, it can make you feel like what you want to be.

A lot of us experience impostor syndrome. That happens when you don’t think you’re good enough. And you worry that everyone will soon find that out.

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome can happen when you get a new job, or start at a new school. If the experience is new for you, or if your background is different than every one else’s there, you might feel like you don’t belong. Like a fish out of water. And that feeling of not belonging can make you feel like your difference is a disadvantage. And that everyone else will soon realize that you are different, or not enough.

When that happens, there’s nothing wrong with doing things to look the part, which might also make you feel the part. Or at least it might make you feel like other people think you look the part!

Take Mishu. Now, she definitely knows who she is and has a lot of confidence in that. But she’s also a dog who is trying to be an advice columnist. So putting on a pair of glasses to feel and look like a smart human is a smart move. Whatever you do, don’t tell her she doesn’t look smart!




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