Why aren’t humans more grateful? Some people are truly suffering in this world, yet most of you obsess about small problems. Humans should be more grateful & treat each other better! Tag a friend who would agree #gratitude #dearmishu

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  1. I agree that humans can be pretty petty and selfish sometimes, but there are others who are kind, thoughtful, grateful and make the world a better place.

  2. We wish there were more kind humans in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if all the meanness went away?

  3. Humans really do struggle with gratitude and kindness. I find comfort in the research that suggests by retraining our brains with positive activities, like a gratitude journal, we really can create a more positive thinking pattern which leads to happier, and hopefully kinder, people.

  4. Human trafficking is a very real thing happening in the US – most people are blind to it because it’s hard to spot and people don’t want to get involved (because their minds cannot comprehend that it is truly happening). Look at the Polaris Project – they have a US heat map that reflects cases. 4.6M worldwide – we’ve done a lot of work in this area, and will continue! Thanks Mishu for the reminder that we all need to work harder and become better educated!

  5. I’ve been quite frustrated lately with the human race. I don’t know where so much hatred came from and why people can’t be nicer to each other.

  6. Humans really can be the worst. Thankfully there are the ones like your humans who are very wonderful! Thanks for working to raise awareness for human trafficking. It is a very real and terrible problem.

  7. I think that is why I live in a little bubble as such as I am so tired of the way humans have been acting lately, their greed, abuse of kids, women and so many innocent people is an eye opener that something is very wrong with the human race and we should learn from animals how to live in peace and harmony

  8. I’ve had my fill of a bunch of humans lately, too. But I’ve also seen some incredibly generous and caring folks in the wake of recent tragedies. I suppose it evens out.

  9. I’ve had my fill of humans lately, too–but there also have been some marvelous, supportive folks. Guess it evens out.

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