Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: Live Life Free, Happy, and Bold

I have so much empathy I often get overwhelmed with emotion. Am I normal, Diego asks, Mishu answers

I’m pretty sensitive to my humans and when I notice they’re in distress, I do one of two things. If the distress comes from them, I just keep them company so they feel better. In this case, I don’t get upset myself (how could that even be helpful?), but I comfort them with my calmness. On the other hand, if I sense distress coming from an external source (i.e. someone they feel threatened by)… well I can get a little crazy trying to protect them. Not sure I recommend that for a human (I think barking would definitely make people think you’re weird), but either way you get the picture — when people you care about are distressed try focus on what you can do to help them, without getting too upset yourself. 
Love you Diego!
❤️ Mishu

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