Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: Live Life Free, Happy, and Bold

I am a rescue and every time I kind of freak out when I see other dogs and scare them, but what I really want is to play. Then my mom gets upset because people are very judgy 😭 , Wink asks, Mishu answers

Dear @winkthepup – Story of my life, Wink. I didn’t used to bark at dogs, then after a year of every little dog I encounter on walks barking at me, I started to do it too. It does make it hard to make friends and yes, some humans are judgy…

My humans try to break me of this habit by telling me ‘shhh’ when we see other dogs approaching and giving me treats when I’m quiet. I’m sure a good trainer who focuses on positive reinforcement can help you and your human…


Our system works for me, but sometimes I forget so we just try to avoid those judgy dog-parent humans (and judgy human-parent humans) because hey, don’t we all have our issues?

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