I always have problems, what should I do? Jo asks, Mishu answers.

I always have problems, what should I do? Jo asks, Mishu answers.

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Dear Jo:  You can’t prevent problems, but you can control what they mean…. My problem is that I can’t ever catch a squirrel. I could think “I’m a failure, I never catch a squirrel” or I could think “Every day I get to chase squirrels, the ultimate challenge!” …Which way would you rather live?  #DeepThoughts

The Inside Story

Life is full of ups and downs and if we view it as our job, or our right, to live without any problems, we’re going to be disappointed. Expecting ourselves to be happy and problem free all the time isn’t realistic.
But there are lots of ways you can take control of your life and the stress that comes with problems.

What Problems?

One of the best ways to feel better about a problem is to work on how you think about the problem itself.

You can control what your problems mean based on how you choose to think about them #DearMishu Click To Tweet

For example: You have to work a boring summer job to have spending money for the school year. Your friends spend the whole summer on vacation and get spending money from their parents. Sucks? Probably. But the self-sufficiency, discipline, and work ethic you have will take you far in life.

It’s not easy, because our instinct when we have problems is often to look around and assume that we’re the only ones that do, or that everyone else has it easier.

That also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be upset. When things suck, they suck, and it’s fine and even important to be angry, sad, or whatever emotion you feel.

But then it’s up to you to control how you approach your problem. Instead of it controlling you, decide on what meaning you want it to have in your life, and how it fits into your story of you. And how you can take these problems and use them to create the future you want.

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