How do you deal with #heart break? Melissa asks, Mishu answers.  #DearMishu #hurt

How do you deal with #heart break? Melissa asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #hurt

Dear Melissa,

Are you the kind of person who likes to be alone when you’re hurt (I do). If so – it’s okay to cuddle in a ball, get under the covers, and eat a yummy #treat. It’s also helpful to go for a walk in the woods or at the #beach by yourself — see the #beautiful world, smell it, and try to feel the possibility of #renewal….. If being with others helps you #heal, then surround yourself with loved ones and do those things with them. ….Take care, Melissa… Love, Mishu #dearmishu

The Inside Story –
Healing when you’re hurt

Humans experience heartbreak, but do dogs? They may not, but they do experience hurt and we can learn something about how to heal ourselves by observing a hurt dog.

Self care

Dogs that are hurt often want to be along. They’ll go into a corner, or get in bed, and take care of themselves.

What is the human equivalent of that? You can definitely take care of yourself when you’re hurt by “nesting” in bed and doing things that make you feel comforted.

Self care, such as eating ice cream in bed, can be an important part of healing from a broken heart.

Next Up – A Nature Walk!

Although hurt dogs aren’t especially likely to seek out nature, dogs are always up for a walk.

When humans and dogs spend time in a natural setting, you see their stress levels decline

Each of us has a favorite natural setting — it could be the woods, the mountains, a big grassy field, or the beach. Often places with water flowing – either a stream or the ocean – make us feel calm.

After you’ve spent some time under the covers, going out into your favorite natural setting can help you view the world in a new way. In fact, new research shows that “nature walks were associated with significantly less depression and that they reduced the negative effects of stress.”  Read the full article about nature walks and stress relief.

Friendship & Love

Last but not least, depending on your personality, all of the above can be done with friends and family. Eating ice cream after a breakup will definitely help heal the hurt. Doing it with friends — all the better!

Eating ice cream together heals any hurt!
Sharing with friends makes the hurt go away!

Likewise, taking a nature walk with friends or family may lift your spirits, heal your hurt, and help you feel happy again.

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