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DearMishu 🐕 will answer your questions today re stress and worries..

How to Beat Your Stress, Worry, and Anxiety with the Help of Dear Mishu and Your Own Strength

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Dear Mishu was created with a vision of helping people live more like Mishu – bold, free, confident, independent, and focused on her own vision of herself and her life. (But also loving, warm, caring and connected to her loved ones).

Unlike Mishu, so many people worry a lot, stress, and feel like they can’t relax. These worries can lead to anxiety, depression, and relationship and career problems.

They also keep us from being our true selves. When we’re stressed and worried about the future, we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. It becomes harder to form a clear vision of what we want and go boldly forward towards it.

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