It’s hard for me to focus when listening to other people. What should I do, Morgan asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu

Dear Morgan,
Me too! I often tune out when my humans are talking because I’m thinking about my own agenda (squirrels)…. Instead of thinking about your own agenda (what you’re going to say next), try to think about repeating what the person talking to you is saying.

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  1. We all want to jump in, but we need to listen don’t we, much more. Listening is what Mum finds hard to do – we are working on it! We will keep trying to keep our mouths shut!!

  2. Squirrels ARE super distracting… but if we don’t listen to the humans, we’ll miss out on all the fun, like if they ask us if we want to go to the park, or eat, or go for a walk! So we have to try!

  3. DUDE, squirrels are TOUGH… I can understand the struggle, but yeah, usually the humans have your best interest at heart so…

  4. Good advice Mitsu. I ‘ll have to remember this piece of advice the next time I start to tune out my co-worker! LOL Smart doggie.

  5. That’s such great advice! I remember hearing that advice from a well known business speaker. People often don’t LISTEN enough because they’re immediately thinking about how they will respond.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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