Why is my friend telling #gossip about me, Alana asks, Mishu answers.

Why is my friend telling #gossip about me, Alana asks, Mishu answers.

Alana: I think 🤔 they’re also #jealous of you. Don’t you think so? So hold your head up high and make new friends. #BeBold, Alana, I know you can be!

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  1. Good advice. Haters are real out here. Find a new “friend” for sure. A true friend will defend you when your back is turned not stab you in the back and spread gossip. 😉

  2. The Contemporary Pet - December 13, 2017 reply

    Mishu, your advice is always spot on. True friends don’t gossip about you, so it’s time for Alana to move on!

  3. Great advice for Alana. A friend who gossips about you is not a friend.

  4. A real friend does not gossip. Great advice! I saw recently a great clip on a study done on how it’s more harmful to keep people that are not really good friends in your life than full on enemies. Something about with enemies you know where you stand so you are ready — with the others … you remain “alert” and on “standby” for the swipe to the neck and that THAT s super stressful.

  5. I can’t stand gossip so I would run as far and as fast as I could from anyone indulging in this nasty business. Dump this one it’s no great loss, and hope you find a true friend.

  6. You are such a wise one MIshu! I agree jealousy is a key factor. Also keep in mind perhaps not to give the gossip so much ammo to use. Clearly they are not to be trusted.

  7. You know you are getting their attention when they are talking about you. Ignore them and surround yourself with others that lift you up.

  8. Agree, always best to ignore the haters and gossip

  9. Well that is excellent advice! Who knew dealing with the naysayers was so easy 🙂

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