Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: Live Life Free, Happy, and Bold

I feel like a #failure. I’m broke and because of that I’m #scared and ashamed. Any thoughts?, Pete asks, Mishu answers

Dear Pete: It sounds like you are judging yourself based on standards that might be great for some people, but are probably not the right ones for you. Can you find other ways to measure your life besides money? (Because we all know miserable people with plenty of it). Is it by the friendships you’ve built? The good you’ve done? The things you’ve created? The places you’ve traveled? The books you’ve read? Whatever those things are, they represent your values and you should be proud of them! Be Bold, Pete! Be Pete, Pete! ….
Also, maybe you want to read @markmansonnet ‘ s book

Also, have you visited this site: ?

Friends, do you have any words of encouragement for Pete?

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