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Dog barking too much: Is there such a thing? Snoopy asks, Mishu answers

Dear Snoopy, I do the same thing! It makes me feel strong & powerful. My humans have a 2 bark rule, which lets me express myself without giving them a headache. Maybe you can try that? #BeYourself

The Inside Story

Have you ever really looked at your dog barking?  Research experts have established that dogs really do think and have emotions – and if you look at your dog when they’re barking at visitors, neighbors, or noises outside, they clearly feel great about themselves. And that’s important — we wouldn’t want our dogs to get frustrated and stressed.

Bold. Strong. Fierce. Wild. That’s Mishu. And don’t we all like to feel that way? So when there is something so simple that makes our dogs feel so great, how can we deny them the pleasure?

Dog barking too much?

Of course, as much as our dogs like to bark, it can be a nuisance. And loud. And disturbing to the neighbors. So as good as it makes them feel (and as much safety as it can provide us as a deterrent for home invaders), we can’t let them bark indiscriminately, all the time.

In our house, there are a lot of debates about this. Is barking just Mishu talking, or is it Mishu misbehaving? Fortunately, she doesn’t bark all day long, or at everyone who passes by.

So we’ve decided on a two bark rule. Mishu can “express herself” and feel like a strong protector whenever she wants, but the barks stop after two. We’ve found this to be a good solution that works for everyone. What do you do about dog barking?


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