What do you do when you’re depressed? Alli asks, Mishu answers.

What do you do when you’re depressed? Alli asks, Mishu answers.

What does Mishu do when she’s depressed?

Dear Alli,

I usually just lie down and stare into space…. Yeah, that’s right, it’s normal to be depressed sometimes.  As long as it’s not all the time, just be depressed when you’re depressed.


The Inside Story

Mishu’s a dog. Sometimes she’s bored and looks depressed. And she just sits there and stares into space. It’s okay to do that — to sit with your sadness a little bit and feel it.

Too often, when we feel depressed, or worried, or angry we feel bad about ourselves for feeling that way. We feel depressed that we’re depressed.  Or worried that we feel anxious. Or angry at ourselves that we’ve reacted in anger. But those are normal human emotions. So just let them be. Leave yourself alone. Just be what you are.

Of course if your depression is something that doesn’t pass, or you can’t get out of bed, then you should take further action. Then it’s more than the normal ups and downs of life and you need to seek help.


Try these resources:

Article on depression in dogs

Mishu’s advice on stress and anxiety relief

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

National Institute of Mental Health – guidance on depression

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  1. Oh, Mishu. I sure do hope you aren’t depressed. You are such an inspiration with your wisdom.

    • Thanks for checking in on me! No, I am not. Some days are boring when the people aren’t at home though. You’re so sweet to show concern!

  2. We all get sad sometimes. As long as we can come out the other end and it doesn’t overtake our lives and our happiness, it’s all good. Tomorrow is another day.

  3. Good advice, Mishu! It is normal to feel sad sometimes, and sometimes the best way to get past it is to just feel it and let it be.

  4. Good response! Taking some “me” time always helps!

  5. Aww, or better yet, go chase some squirrels and stop being depressed. <3

  6. Hey MIshu,
    Tucker here from The Tribe of Five. Sometimes we felines get depressed too. Glad you are handling this topic. Humans sometimes thing everything is always “hunky-dory” with us fur kids, not always true.

  7. When I feel down I take Layla and we go for a long walk, and the sit in the park and watch the people and dogs, best way for me to get out of that mood

  8. That’s excellent advice Mishu. Sometimes when we’re feeling sad we just need to feel sad. It’s normal to get down every once in awhile we all do. If it starts happening more frequently then definitely find some help. I would say most of us have reached out for a helping hand at one time or another.

  9. Our young Silver still gets depressed after the loss of his best friend, it changed him as a cat.

  10. Great advice once again Mishu! You are so correct that it is OKAY to feel down now and then. You are also correct that when it becomes more of a regular feeling than a now and then thing it is imperative to seek help.

  11. We can’t be happy every minute of every day. If we were we probably wouldn’t appreciate it all that much!

  12. FiveSibesMom - March 30, 2017 reply

    Very good advice, Mishu! I hope you are not sad for too long. It’s great that you share resources, too, for those who may need some help. Support is a wonderful thing.

  13. I was diagnosed 30 years ago with clinical depression as a result of being a rare form of obsessive/compulsive/perfectionist. I’ve learned a lot of coping strategies, but sometimes, I just stay in my room with the girls for a couple of days to escape from everything, and then I’m okay.

  14. Dolly the Doxie - March 30, 2017 reply

    I don’t think I’ve ever been depressed I’m a very happy dog. But mom does that’s why she has me so we just cuddle and I give her lots of kisses. Love Dolly

  15. Very good advice! My sister’s dog becomes depressed when my niece goes away to college.

  16. Sometimes feeling blue is okay. Thanks for reminding us of that and for providing resources if folks think it’s a bit more than simply being down in the dumps.

  17. Thanks for all your sweet replies! I’m glad you all recognize that being sad sometimes is normal and just fine. Our culture is so focused on “happiness” and that sometimes just causes MORE stress!

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