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Hi there,

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably heard about me, Dear Mishu, the advice columnist who is also a dog. Hopefully, you’ve had time to browse my blog and look at some of my more popular posts, such as How to Deal with Stress, what to do when you keep failing despite your best efforts,  or how to choose a career.

You may be wondering why I’m qualified to give advice — especially to humans.

Because unlike humans, I keep things very simple, I live in the moment and am always present, I do what I want and do worry about what others think of me, I’m free-spirited, and know how to give and receive love.  Wouldn’t you like to be like this all the time?

If you’d like to send my your life questions, I will do my best to apply my dog perspective to your human problems and give you good advice.

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