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Dear Mishu, When I ask someone out they always say no and then I feel rejected and wonder what I’m doing wrong, Tarik says, Mishu answers

Dear Tarik: It’s normal to feel rejected if someone says no to you. But getting rejected doens’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that it even has anything to do with you….

When I want to make friends at the dog park I try to give signals like a play bow or tail wag to see if I can catch another dog’s interest. 
You can try the same thing — give signals with your words or body language and see how people react before you ask them out. If they don’t seem to respond, then move on. But if they encourage you, then there’s a good chance they might want to go out. Also, if you talk to them and find out what they like, you can invite them to do something you both like and they might be more likely to say yes!
Do you have any other advice for Tarik, friends?

❤️ – Mishu

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