Dear Mishu’s Top 10 #Inspirational Posts of 2017 – Part 2

Dear Mishu’s Top 10 #Inspirational Posts of 2017 – Part 2

Ready to continue being inspired?  Keep reading to see how to live the MIshu life!

#6: Who doesn’t like getting treats in the mail? There’s no better way to be you than to treat yourself!

#5: This is Mishu when she was first rescued. Now do you see why she wants to give back to humans? WIthout humans, she wouldn’t be here!

#4: Feeling good is sometimes all about looking good…. really!

#3: Even if you’re sick or hurt, you can find ways to enjoy life!

#2: Helping someone out by just being with them is simple and effective

#1: Last but not least — Try Something New in 2018 — you might just like it!

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