Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: #AdviceFromDog

Dear Mishu’s Top 10 #Inspirational Posts of 2017 – Part 1

Mishu lives life the way we all should – bold, wild, & free. She does want she wants, she is who she is, and she follows her passions and dreams, which makes her truly inspirational. These posts reflect Mishu’s spirit and will hopefully inspire you to live a little more Mishu in 2018!

#10: Paris fashion model?  Why not! You are who you believe you are!

#9: Friends of all sizes enrich our lives — surround yourself with them whenever you can

#8: Be You! Be Proud!

#7:  Mishu has seen tough times, but she’s benefited from humans helping her every step of the way and she appreciates every day as a gift!





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