Dear Mishu Advice Columnist: Live Life Free, Happy, and Bold

Dear Mishu, School is starting soon and I’m so stressed about my school workI can’t even enjoy my summer… help, Kiara asks, Mishu answers

Oh, Kiara! Your worth is not your grades or your test scores. Can you find a way to enjoy what you do, without thinking about the end goal (grades, college, etc.)? Like if you need to read a book and write an essay, can you try to enjoy the reading and writing? It’s like me and squirrel catching. I never catch them and if that’s my focus I’d feel terrible and stressed. But running, jumping, and lunging for them is really fun so I just focus on that. It makes life a lot more fun. I know it’s not easy, but can you try for me?

❤️ – Mishu

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