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Dear Mishu, I worry when I message close friends online and they don’t answer me back right away…, Grim asks, Mishu answers

Here’s Grim’s full question: “Hey Mishu, so I’ve been struggling in my communication with people and close friends online. I tend to worry a lot when I don’t get a message back even though I know they’re probably busy. I don’t mean to be bothersome, I just want reassurance that they’re still there because I’ve had many people just disappear from my life unexpectedly.”

Dear Grim: I can understand your anxiety, because of your past. We all have our issues and I think people close to us should try to understand and be sensitive. Tell your close friends that you have this issue. But also, work on yourself so you don’t get as worried every time, because even if they try to be sensitive they’re not always going to answer you quickly.

Love u so much – Mishu

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