Dear Mishu Reporting from GlobalPet Expo on the Best Dog Brands

Dear Mishu Reporting from GlobalPet Expo on the Best Dog Brands

There are so many dog brands in the world that make wonderful treats and toys. The question is: which dog brands are good? Which ones should Dear Mishu try? Which dog brands should she advise her friends to try (and which brands should the 6,508(!) buyers who attended purchase)?

To answer that question, Dear Mishu decided to visit the Global PetExpo in Orlando, Florida and talk to owners of dog brands (1,164 vendors!). The way Mishu sees it, humans who make products for dogs should have a good understanding of dogs and what they’re like.

In order to understand which dog brands understand dogs, Dear Mishu asked the people at the booths she visited two simple questions:

dog looking around a corner

Dear Mishu is Wondering…


What quality do dogs have that inspires your product design?

What quality do dogs have that humans could learn the most from?





Here are some of the best answers!

What quality do dogs have that inspires your dog brand product design?

Susan Traub, Sabrini’s Treats: “They are who they are with no pretense.”

Jeffrey Kalish, co-founder of Tucker’s Raw & Frozen Treats: “Unadulterated Honesty. It is truly the dogs that vote every day on our products.”

Jenny Gilcrest, Skout’s Honor: “ Dogs are family!  Our products are designed to make living with pets BETTER.”

Robert Eichner of One Fur All: “Dogs like to be healthy and active and don’t like to breathe in toxic smoke. This is why we make Pet House Candles with 100% natural soy wax.”

Kelly Ison, Einstein Pets: “Einstein Pets admires the honesty in dogs …. Basing product designs on the natural-world models “dogs” is an important aspect to deciding on what products to development and test with them.”

Jane Bond, Eco Dog Care: “Trust in their hoomans. We know that dogs rely on their people to make healthy choices for them.”

Krister Holm, General Manager, Petix / WIzSmart puppy pads: “They want to do the right things…,we have to give them the options and the right tools!”

Jillian Spitz, Absorber: “Dogs have an easy-going approach to life. They remind us that life is all about discovering new things and should be enjoyed.”

Kelly Wetzler, Blackwood Pet Foods Operations Manager: “The bond between a dog and its pet family… pet families feel they should feed their pets only made with ingredients we feel are also healthy for us.”

Jim Clark, Chaos & Cuddles brand manager: “Dogs are incredibly warm, affectionate animals …  Chaos & Cuddles products celebrate the fun dogs contribute to our lives.”

Samantha Kent, founder of Kibble Pet and Dr. Sniff: “I think of my dogs as my children so I want their haircare products to look and function as if they were designed for humans.”

Carina Evans, “Chief Bottle Washer” Podium Pet Products: “I am inspired by the faith, loyalty and unconditional love that dogs give.”

Ann Fernandez, PetSafe: “The love and devotion pet owners have with their dogs. We want to make sure all dogs are safe, happy and loved with their human family.”

Meg Meyer, The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs: “Dogs have a whimsical, playfulness about them that is oftentimes fun, funny and happy and that’s what we’re about…”

Grant Weber, Rileys Organics: “They are most loyal, giving us unconditional love every day.”

Kate McCarron, Portland Pet Food Company: “Our family dogs’ loyalty and capacity to love inspired us to give each of them the best health and quality of life we could.”

Spencer Williams, West Paw: “When we design our products we think about how dogs AND humans share connection and experience joy from using them.”

Paul Baron, Australia’s Tru Blu K9000 DIY Dog Washing Stations: “They play, they like dirt, they get dirty”

What quality do dogs have that humans could learn the most from?

Jeffrey Kalish, Tucker’s: “…dogs should be our greatest influencers in the way we walk and play through life. They are honest, loving and often give back exponentially more than they receive.”

Jenny Gilcrest, Skout’s Honor: “Dogs live in the moment.  If humans could really learn to do that, rather than obsess over what happened in past or what’s going to happen in future, the world would be a happier place!”

Jane Bond, Eco Dog Care: “They don’t carry grudges or regrets around with them.”

Krister Holm, WizSmart: “Oh, they don’t give up!”

Robert Eichner of One Fur All: “Dogs are always present in the moment.”

Kelly Ison, Einstein Pets: “Perhaps a little more compassion for everyone. Dogs love unconditionally which allows us as humans to open up with them. A beautiful trait.”

Jillian Spitz, Absorber: “Dogs truly love unconditionally they do not judge people by their race, sex, social or financial status and that is the single most quality that we humans can learn from them.”

Kelly Wetzler, Blackwood Pet Foods: “As a great complement to the love dog’s show to their owner, loyalty is a fantastic quality that dogs possess, and we, as humans, could learn from.”

Jim, Chaos and Cuddles: “Humans can learn a thing or two from our four-legged friends in that they are loyal, curious, energetic, and in general, have “pawsitive” mindsets…”

Samantha Kent, founder of Kibble Pet and Dr. Sniff: “I think that humans could learn from dogs overall happy temperament. It does not matter the situation they are always fun and loving.”

Carina Evans, Podium Pet Products: “…faith and loyalty… And their love of play, as we tend to loose our’s as we age! We should hold on to that longer like they do.”

Anne Fernandez, Petsafe: “Dogs have the unique quality of trust of everyone. We need more trust especially today. Plus a few licks and a happy tail wouldn’t hurt either.”

Meg Meyer, The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs: “We humans could learn from dogs in many ways, but their ability to listen is perhaps their most important quality we can learn from!”

Susan Traub, Sabrini’s Treats: “The quality of knowing when someone likes them and responding with enthusiasm, with no reservations, and the unlimited trust that ensues.”

Grant Weber, Rileys Organics: “…unconditional love :-)”

Kate McCarron, Portland Pet Food Company: “If we humans could see each other’s warmth and need for companionship and compassion like dogs could, the world would be a better place.”

Spencer Williams, West Paw: “This is a fun question. This might sound a bit cliché but loyalty comes to mind. Dogs are some of, if not the most, loyal animals on the planet and provide unconditional love to their owners.”

Margee Herring, Australia’s Tru Blu K9000 DIY Dog Washing Stations: “How can you tell who loves you more … your spouse or your dog? Put both in the trunk of your car. Go away for two hours. Come back, open the trunk, and see which one licks you in the face. Now, you know.”

What does Dear Mishu think about these dog brands and their answers?

After speaking with so many dog brand owners, Dear Mishu is happy to report that the people developing and selling the most innovative, new products for dogs really do understand and appreciate dogs and their best qualities.

It’s also telling that so many of the same qualities were brought up again and again to describe dogs: honest, loyal, playful, loving and warm, curious, no pretenses and live in the moment!  Since these are the same words that Dear Mishu’s fans use to describe her (plus wise, of course), we think that Dear Mishu would be the perfect customer for any of these cool dog products!

Which brand do you think had the best answer, friends?

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  1. As usual you leave us with lots to think about. I can’t imagine how fun that event was, and having the chance to speak with so many dog food brands must have been a real eye opening experience.

  2. What a fun and clever thing to look into! Knowing a companies response may sway a person one way or the other! You know what I always thought someone needs to invent? Dental implants for dogs of all sizes! Let me know if you ever see it at one of these events.

  3. I LOVE those qualities peeps could learn from doggies. And you know somethin’? Peeps could learn lots of those very same things from us cats. If only they would… sighs PURRS.

  4. Wow you did well talking to so many great dog brand owners at Global and what an interesting angle asking about their inspiration. Makes them more appealing in my eyes if they have an authentic love for and understanding of dogs. I got a bit overwhelmed by the large number of offerings but am finally reviewing a few of my favorite things with Kilo (he is enjoying that a lot, especially the food and treats LOL).

  5. Those are great questions to ask! I like the answers given by Petsafe and Riley’s Organics. I love Riley’s reference to Unconditional Love of dogs, that is somewhat of a mantra for me and I put in on some apparel and other products I designed and sell. It’s no surprise that I really like both of these company’s products! They get it right.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  6. Wow! How were you able to meet with so many brands? I found it so daunting to meet with the few I wanted to meet with. It was very nice to meet you at GPE.

  7. I love your questions! My favorite was leaving your dog and your spouse in the trunk of your car and see which one kisses your face – classic! Dogs always forgive us!

  8. All of them make great points about dogs lovely qualities. They are loyal to a fault, love unconditionally and know how to really live in the moment everyday with a smile on their face.

  9. It was really fun to hear the various brands’ perspective about what inspires them about pets. This can help us select brands that fall in line with how we see pets too.

  10. Speaking with so many brands must have been a great learning experience. I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions – they served as morning affirmations for me.

  11. That event is HUGE and I bet was a great learning experience. (YAYDog Clare)

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